TCSW Public Policy Platform

About TCSW

TCSW is a catalyst for creating and fostering broad-based networks, connecting community stakeholders and policymakers for a better Tennessee.  Founded in 1912, TCSW is a statewide membership organization that works with public and private service providers, advocates, and professionals.

Our Values:  Justice; Equity; Empowerment; Community; Diversity

Public Policy Platform Statement

TCSW advocates for and endorses public policies that advance and improve the well-being of all Tennesseans. 

Priority areas

Health and well-being:  Quality health and well-being are the foundation on which individuals and communities build successful lives. Many factors go into supporting health and well-being across the lifespan and ensuring our communities are healthier places, to live, learn, work, and play.

Educational opportunity:  Every Tennessean needs equitable access to education, job readiness, and skills that prepare them for positive long-term outcomes, including self-sufficiency. Research suggests, individuals with higher levels of education live longer and healthier lives.

Safety:  Community safety includes both group and personal physical and emotional security.  Quality of life is enhanced when people are free of violence, abuse, neglect, and trauma. Safe livable communities are stronger, healthier communities.

Prosperity: Strong economic environments and access to resources help shape choices and are directly related to affordable housing options, educational opportunities, adequate child care, food security, and health-related outcomes. The accumulation of savings and assets help to protect families in times of economic distress. When individuals and families prosper, communities prosper collectively.

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